Keto without the fluff

Keto without the fluff

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I found this book online and if you hate looking up recipes every time you go to the kitchen and think “what to make” Try this book out. 

The recipes also come without the fluff! Obviously the intro to the book is a little fluffy but it gets straight to it.

This site is for all of us who have fallen victim to the Keto epidemic. If you have looked up recipes before for keto there is this new style of page that shows somebody’s life story for about 10 minutes worth of reading. Finally hidden within this epic poem of crying or praising the diet you get this snippet of recipe that is in poor format. I hate this. Too much fluff when I am trying to just find a quick recipe to satisfy my hunger and one that is not cheese or meat.


Hopefully you can find solace in my ever growing collection of recipes. Most of these are variants of other recipes I have found. I end up tweaking most recipes I find because they are either too difficult or time consuming or have tons of rather expensive ingredients.

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